Your Essential Guide to Serving Cheese and Drinks at Your Party

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s the ideal time to celebrate. But to be perfectly honest, it’s always good to find any excuse for a party! Whether you’re launching a new product or business or are celebrating an engagement, there’s nothing like taking time out to enjoy your success with a party.


However, planning a spectacular event takes more than just dusting off those champagne glasses and popping open that fizzy – you’ll need to take different factors into consideration to have a party that everyone will talk about for months.


Aside from planning the date, venue, and guest list, you’ll have to think about what to serve. First of all, are you planning on just serving hors d’oeuvres, or are you planning to serve a four-course meal? But whatever your choice, there are two things you should not forget: the cheese and drinks.




A simple cheeseboard


You can have a cheeseboard that’s quite basic; even three kinds of cheese will do. But you have to serve them in the best way to enhance their flavours. Choose the trinity of cheeses; namely, one soft cheese (like Camembert or Brie), a conventional blue cheese, and one semi-hard cheese.


‘Preparing’ the cheese


If you are buying the cheese several days before the event, wrap them first in cling film, waxed paper, or foil, put them in a plastic container, and store them on the top shelf of your fridge, as this is the warmest area. But if you have a larder or cellar, you can store your cheese there and serve them directly to your guests without having to take off their chill.


What you want to do before serving the cheese (if you have stored them in the fridge) is take them out and store them in a warm place for about two hours before they are served. This is so that their flavours will naturally ripen. Serve them on a wooden board along with some quince paste for instant visual appeal.


If you are serving a whole cheese such as a Stilton, the ideal way to prepare it is to cut it into sections (similar to a cake), but the cut should only reach about 3 to 4cm into the cheese. After making the cuts, push the cheese knife into the middle of a cut and slice it sideways. What you will then have are neatly-sliced triangles.


Drinks, drinks, and more drinks


Now onto the drinks. Remember, a party is incomplete without wine. You can calculate the amount of wine you need by counting on about half a bottle for each guest. However, if you have a ‘drinking’ crowd on your hands, it’s better to count for a bottle each.


It is essential to chill white wines beforehand, but if your fridge is full, store the white wine in your shed or garage overnight. But if you have completely forgotten to chill the white wine altogether, one simple trick is to place them in a wine bucket along with some water, ice, and a cup of salt. The solution will give your white wine an instant chill.


If you’re the type of person who wants everything to be absolutely perfect, however, and you simply do not have the time to worry about those important drinks and beverages for your party, you can easily opt for a cool mobile bar hire service, where you can choose the drinks you want and even choose a customised bar for your guests to ooh and aah over.



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