Worst Cities for Traffic

People love their cars. While public transportation is available in most major U.S. cities, and community leaders incentivize carpooling and ridesharing as much as they can, people still love driving their own cars. Because of this love affair, traffic is some U.S. cities is simply brutal. Luckily, with some of today’s makes and models, drivers can stay plugged in, entertained and enjoy exceptional gas mileage from efficient cars while they sit in traffic. Learn more about the best cars for commuters at Cars.com.


Drivers in Los Angeles might benefit from a few bells and whistles to keep them comfortable on their daily commutes. The city earns the reputation as having the worst traffic in the country. The average commuter in Los Angeles spends 70 percent more time in traffic during peak hours and spends more than 80 hours of their life each year sitting in traffic. As an example of how bad it can get, there is one stretch of road in the city that is considered its most congested. Drivers on this route stand to wait up to half an hour more than the standard 50 minutes it takes to travel the 20 miles during peak times for a total trip time topping 80 minutes.


San Francisco is another U.S. city that has a reputation for nail biting, white knuckle traffic. Drivers there lose more than 75 hours of their lives each year waiting in traffic. Most consider traffic in this city to always be bad, and it gets much worse during peak drive times like morning and afternoon commutes which can extend drive time by more than 63 percent.


Traffic is only getting worse for drivers in Washington D.C. This major American city and the nation’s capital region, is considered to have some of the worst traffic for drivers in the country. It’s estimated that Washington D.C. drivers spend 82 hours each year stuck in traffic. Only 16 percent of this city’s residents use public transportation on a daily basis which only adds fuel to the fire.

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