Where to Find A Commendable Boutique Hotel in The Heart of Causeway Bay?

 Causeway Bay has got to be one of the most dynamic regions in Hong Kong and to stay for only a couple of days in this vibrant district will certainly feel short of a real vacation. Now given that you’ll be exploring and appreciating more of what the locale offers, you can further up your holiday by staying in a boutique accommodation. You can choose to stay in any of the boutique Causeway Bay hotels because these are some of the trendiest and upscale lodgings in town.


Why you should stay in a boutique inn?


To stay in a boutique hotel Causeway Bay can be pricier than most traditional hotels. On top of that, the location adds more value on the hotel since the district is recognized for being an entertainment and shopping haven (you’ll find the iconic Sogo and Times Square here). This type of hotel also provides a lot of premium offerings. So to stay in a dedicated inn will surely be something worth spending on.


The benefits of staying in a boutique guesthouse


Boutique inns are usually small in stature, therefore offering only a limited number of rooms (guestrooms may range from 25 to 150 only). But worry not about the room’s size, as lodgings of this type always provide some of the largest and chicest spaces (often-times themed, and lavishly designed). So to stay in one will surely provide you that peaceful setting.


Boutique inns may be small, but it’s the size of the hotel that actually helps the staff (they’re the backbone of the business) to interact more closely with their guests. They get to provide for their client’s needs and concerns directly and promptly, round the clock. They will always make sure that each guest is attended to and pampered all throughout their stay. This distinct feature of providing an individualized service is what actually helps separate a boutique accommodation from a large-scale hotel.


Boutique inns are also built with small lobbies and reception areas. It’s always been arranged in this manner so that every guest will feel immediately welcomed as soon as they enter the guesthouse.


Boutique inns are also arranged with the usual bedroom and en suite bathroom (furnished with modern and top-quality materials). But you’ll be surprised to know that most dedicated inns are also built with fully equipped kitchens. To have a kitchenette in your room is definitely a facility that you won’t usually see in any mainstream hotel.


Boutique inns also furnish their living spaces with the latest technologies, so that you’ll always stay entertained and connected to the outside world.


Where to find the ideal boutique lodging in Causeway Bay?


If there’s one boutique lodging that embodied all the mentioned features above, then it would have to be V Causeway Bay Hotel. The modern lodging offers 53 exclusive guestrooms and 40 room layouts. Every living space is also furnished with a cable-ready 42” Plasma TV with NOW channels, and a DVD/CD player. The en suite bathroom is fitted out with a separate bath and walk-shower, while the kitchen is equipped with some of the newest cookware and kitchenware.


The V hotel also affords their guests round the clock security service, as well as daily housekeeping and airport pick-up (driven via a limousine car). They also provide their guests access to their business center and self-service laundry facilities.


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