What Should You Bring With You On A Bike Ride?

Planning a great bike ride is not as difficult as some may think. However, you should not just expect to go to a starting point, take off the bikes from the bicycle roof racks and start going on a bike trip. You will want to plan so much more than that. Before you will start the bike ride it is really important that you plan everything. This does include what you are going to take with you on the trip. Just some clothes and a bike is never enough to keep yourself safe. This is especially the case in the event the bike ride is going to be long.



What You Need For You

The ride should be pre-determined. Never go on a trip based on the heat of the moment. You want to keep yourself safe so do check the weather. This is one of the most important things in regards to biking safety. For instance, during the autumn season it is possible that the weather will get bad really fast, without many warnings. Plan the ride, do know exactly where you will go, let trusted friends know about the trip and the route and always get high quality equipment.

You will need gloves and a good pair of bike shoes. Cycling clothing is highly recommended. This means buying Lycra material clothes, having seated shorts and being properly padded. Be sure that your head is always going to be properly protected. There is a reason why the police forces you to wear a helmet through the city rides. Wear the helmet on any bike trip. Besides this, be sure you have:

  • Plenty of water – dehydration is really dangerous
  • A fully charged cellphone and a backup battery
  • Energy snacks or some foods that offer electrolites.
  • Some cash – you never know when you need it
  • Your ID card

Everything can easily be added in a cheap ziplock bag.

What You Need For The Bike

The bike should be ready for the ride you have planned. In the event some time passed since the last ride, do be sure you check everything associated with your bike and go through a safety check. Be sure that you always consider the following:

  • Be sure tires have adequate air
  • Wheels should properly spin
  • Brakes always have to work
  • Check the chain
  • Check your pedals
  • Handlebars should be secure and straight

Since a bike emergency can happen, you will need to be sure you take some tools with you. They are normally going to fit inside smaller seat bags. The most important thing is to have all the tools that are needed to fix your flats. A pump to inflate the tubes is necessary and multi tool sets can help out a lot.


Create your own list of items that you have to take with you when you go out on a bike ride. There will be differences based on distance and your skill level but the items that we highlighted above should always be on the list.

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