What is Ayurveda treatment?

Ayurveda treatment – restoring the balance


Ayurveda, which is becoming more and more popular in the Western world, is an ancient science. It originates from the teachings of the then Indian wise men and over the millennia its medical part has found a way to deal with any disease.



Successful Ayurveda treatment as an orderly system of health and longevity has been applied for over 5,000 years. This covers all organs and systems in the body. It is based on the philosophical view of the balances in the Harmony of the Cosmos which are designed both in nature and in man.


Breaking these balances in the nature leads to cataclysm, and in human – to diseases. Therefore, when performing an Ayurveda treatment, attention is not limited to the signs of the disease – for example, to pain. The disease has originated from the disturbed balance in the body and the goal is to regain it


For Ayurveda the balances in the human body are between three types of energies – Doshas. Their proportions are set at birth and must be maintained throughout the entire life without changes in order to prevent illness.


In this balance the Doshas are not equal – one is predominant. The leading Dosha can be Vata, Pittta or Kapha which determines what type of body a person has – physiological processes, mind, and emotions. There are also combined variants – two Doshas to be more prominent.


For Ayurveda treatment, the patient’s Dosha must be determined and then the balances have to be found and restored. Determining the Dosha is complicated, many factors are taken into account, and it is therefore necessary that it is done by an Ayurveda doctor.


There is a specialist physician, Indian Ayurveda guru in Bulgaria at the Ayurveda Clinic Bansko. His whole team is from Indian medics licensed in India. In the clinic, complete diagnosis and classical Ayurveda treatment can be carried out.


Ayurveda treatment – only natural means and methods


Harmony with nature is at the heart of Ayurveda philosophy. Therefore, the Ayurveda treatment is fully compliant with the laws and processes of nature and the human body.


The remedies are herbs and oils where there is no chemistry, everything is natural. They are used for ointments, pouring over, rubbing and massages. Herbal saunas are also used, in some cases oils besides externally, are also taken internally – by drinking or through the nose.


A major point of Ayurveda treatment is the cleansing of the body from toxins. They are accumulated from undigested food. It is all about overeating or eating the wrong combination of foods which hinders digestion, the consumed food cannot be digested and stagnates.


These toxins – pesticides, heavy metals, free radicals – over the years accumulate as plaque, poison the organs, confuse their natural functions and start the diseases.


To restore the original balance, these toxins need to be cleansed; the body’s systems begin to work fully, immunity to be restored, the causes of the diseases to disappear.


Two methods are used for purification: for external and internal purification. Purvakarma is the method with external procedures. These are massages, pouring over, rubbing, warm compresses, and herbal saunas. They combine with Panchakarma – a method of internal cleansing.


Panchakarma combines laxative procedures with cleansing and different therapies. The healing vomiting, for example, which is caused by herbs, helps to clear the Kapha toxins; it is applied to a strong Kapha imbalance. Laxatives are for the Pitta toxins, and so on.


An Ayurvedic doctor has to decide on each procedure and its combination with others because apart from the particular disease, this is related to the general condition, age and other characteristics of the patient.


Ayurveda treatment therapies at the Ayurveda Clinic Bansko are combined with a diet, consulting, yoga, etc. in an individual plan which is compiled by the physician for each patient.




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