Visiting Italy: where to start?

Planning a trip to Italy is a really fun and fulfilling experience: even if it is not that big, the country is made of a plurality of cities, towns and villages, and each one is well worth a visit. If you do not have too much time to spend though you should plan your holiday carefully, because you will be forced to make a choice in the terms of what to visit.

Choosing among the beautiful Italian cities is a really difficult task, because almost every town in Italy is worth a visit; it is legitimate to say though that there are a few places that you cannot really miss when travelling to Italy: we are talking about the main cities of art for which Italy is well known all around the world, in particular Venice, Florence and Rome.

If you are planning a trip to Italy you would certainly want to take a tour of Venice, because it is such a special city and absolutely unique in the whole world. Venice was built upon the water and so offers a very characteristic and romantic scenario that is impossible to find in any other city in the world. When visiting Venice, you would want to stroll along the Canal Grande, see the beautiful Piazza San Marco, Ponte di Rialto and Ponte dei Sospiri, and wander around the various Callas. The presence of cars is absolutely forbidden in Venice, so it is beautiful to go around on foot.

When you move to Florence, you will find not so big of a town but full of art works: Florence was in fact the cradle of the Renaissance, and most of the works of famous artists stood the test of time and are still visible nowadays. It is crucial to find the right hotel in Florence because, unlike Venice, it is possible for the cars and the public transport to enter Florence, this resulting in a very painful experience if you need to park your car since the parking spots are just a few and are really expensive; the best option is surely to find a hotel located right in the city center, so that you would be able to wander around the city on foot and enjoy all the beautiful pieces of architecture – like Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Vecchio for example – and also reach the most beautiful museums, like the Uffizzi.

If you want to visit Rome, on the other hand, you will face a really big city, so you should be prepared to use the public transport in order to be able to see all the monuments and the places of interest that are to be found in the capital of Italy. When visiting Rome, you should absolutely visit Piazza San Pietro and the Sistine Chapel, which are amazing examples of the finest artistic works of the Renaissance; apart from that, you should also see the Coliseum and the Musei Vaticani, and also take your time to wander around the Eternal City, in order to grasp all the historic feel that is always in the air.


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