Travel Tips for First Time Travelers to Riviera Maya

Traveling to Mexico is a dream often reserved for young college students who want to get wild on spring break. The Riviera Maya, for example, is a beautiful spot with clean, white beaches and plenty of things to do. Also, because of its place on the globe, some of the best times to go are usually considered the offseason for popular travel dates. This means you can really enjoy the Riviera Maya without it being too crowded. If you’re packing your bags, here are five reasons to consider making the Riviera Maya your destination.


  1. Have Your Documents In Order

Before you consider going to beautiful Riviera Maya, make sure you have all the legal paperwork to enter Mexico. This means having passports that aren’t going to expire for at least six months. Depending on what your home country is, you might also need a visa to enter. Check all of these document requirements before you book your flight.

  1. Choose Your Lodging Wisely

Riviera Maya is a beachfront community with plenty of hotel options to match. Some are pricier than others but even the cheaper options keep you close to the waves. If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, you can choose the Azul Villa Carola. It’s a beautiful villa in Riviera Maya that offers a personal chef, an outdoor pool for private use and even a butler. This private converted residence is large and will make your stay feel luxurious.

  1. Bring Your Appetite

You’ll find tons of great restaurants in Riviera Maya. The seaside location means you’ll have access to plenty of seafood restaurants offering fresh fish. If fish isn’t your preferred meal, there are other places and cuisines. You can find tastings from Caribbean to Mediterranean and even Asian dishes.

  1. Research The Weather

Summer vacation doesn’t mean the same thing on all parts of the globe. Though it’s part of North America, Mexico has tropical weather patterns much like the Caribbean. That means typical summer travel, from around June through October, will be marked by periodic showers. You’ll also want to prepare for the heat as temperatures average in the mid to high 80s.

  1. Plan Your Activities

One of the most disappointing things that can happen on an ocean-focused trip is being told you can’t partake in diving or scuba sessions because you don’t have a license. Research any special clearance you might need to visit local historic sites. Because there is so much to do, you’ll want to make an itinerary with specific locations. Doing this will help you avoid losing time simply moving between each destination.

The Riviera Maya is an exceptionally beautiful choice for a Mexican getaway. The mix of different cultures, foods, and attractions means you won’t be bored or short of things to do. Water activities, cave exploration, and archaeological visits are just a few of your options. However, if you want to do nothing, that’s fine, too. You can lay back and enjoy a beachfront resident and gorgeous weather.


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