Travel For Work? Here’s How To Stay Financially Stable

Believe it or not, but full-time travel for work is a possible lifestyle you could lead. Thousands of people do it the world over, and it can be a rewarding, enriching experience if tackled correctly.


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However, it’s that last part that’s easier said than done. Attempting to make yourself more productive, stay financially afloat and plan for the future is tough. Even without traveling. So, help is at hand! Consider this post your ‘all-in-one’ financial travel checklist. Here are the basics – and some things you must not forget.

Firstly, don’t forget you’re here to work!

Don’t get caught up in the sights and the sounds. Traveling for work is just that – work. Now is not the time to get lazy or complacent. You’re thousands of miles from home, and you’ll have to work harder than ever. With that out of the way, here’s your checklist….

Start investing now, in case something goes wrong. Because something always goes wrong!

No matter what you do in life, it’s important to plan for a rainy day. Whether you’re a writer, a waiter or a retiree, planning for your future is something that should be a priority. This is never more true than if you travel. What if you get robbed? What if you overspend? What if work dries up? Having a pot is a great idea.

So, whether you look up savings accounts or use a site like to view insurance offers, don’t forget this step. As always, your future is in your hands!

Trial it for a little while before committing. If your boss permits it, anyway.

If you don’t have a boss, even better. Set a trial period – six months, one year – to see if you can safely live like this full-time. If you can, then great. If you can’t… well, that’s up to you. At least you have a rough idea of whether you can support yourself now.

Pay off all your debts first. There’s nothing worse than traveling with a credit card debt hanging over your head.


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Some people struggle to pay off debts while living at home with a solid wage, so how will you cope when traveling? You want to give yourself the best possible chance at success, and that means clearing your plate before you leave. Having a debt when you’re coasting around the globe for work can mean you won’t enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. You may not even be able to sustain a quality standard of living.

Bring along a friend or partner. Because two is company, and three’s a crowd.

It will obviously be more easy to stay afloat if there’s a second income tagging along. While it means two mouths to feed and two bodies to clothe, it also means two lots of savings and two salaries. The income will, more often than not, be more than the outgoings.

And that just about does it! Hopefully, these tips helped you out somewhat. It’s not an easy life to lead, but the life of a traveler can be more rewarding than most.

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