Tips for Organizing a Pantry

Are you guilty of purchasing items you already have? In a rush to prepare three meals a day for a large family, all too often the pantry becomes chaotic.  Pantries can be great uses of space in kitchens.  Kitchen design is moving towards larger walk in pantries and fewer cabinets. This is not only a great money saving move, but also, if well organized, can be very convenient. Take these simple tips from the professional organizers and you’ll have your pantry organized in no time!



The first step is to completely empty out the pantry.  Remove all shelving and paint the interior a light, bright color.  Install a light sensor on the door hinge that will illuminate the space when the door is open and darken when the door is closed.  While wood shelving in a pantry is attractive, it darkens the lower shelves and makes it even more difficult to locate items. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and investing in quality steel wire shelving racks available at Newegg. The shelves are removable and adjustable to allow for customization of your pantry needs.

Discard all items removed from the pantry that have an expired use by date. Items that have been opened for some time should be discarded as well. They can attract flour and fruit flies in the warmer months.  Depending on the size of your pantry, don’t limit the contents to non-perishable food items. Small appliances, large serving bowls & platters and well as large cookware can also be stored in the pantry.  The shelving located at eye level (for the cook!) should be reserved for most frequently used non-perishable food items.  Place thin sheets of Plexiglas on theses shelves to improve visible and so smaller items won’t fall through the mesh or tilt. This will allow for easy access.  Place seldom used items, such as large platters, serving bowls and items used for entertaining on the high shelves.  Depending on your height, and the height of the shelving in the pantry, consider investing in a small stool to leave in the corner of the pantry.  Reserve the lower shelves for heavier cookware and small appliances. Enjoy your new pantry!


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