Things You Need for Your Rental Car

No matter if you are traveling at home or abroad, renting a car is a convenient means of transportation while on a trip. However, many travelers do not make sure they have everything they need in order to keep their rental in safe, working order. It is important to know what to do and have the proper tools on hand in the event of breakdowns or other roadside emergencies. Here’s a list of things you need for your rent a rental car in order to stay safe while on the road.


  1. A flashlight

  2. A tire patch kit

  3. A warm blanket

  4. A toolbox particularly with wrenches

  5. A map of the area in the event that you can’t get any cell service

  6. An automatic jumpstart kit (for road trips)

  7. Flares if your rental doesn’t come with them already

  8. A first aid kit

  9. Cell phone chargers

In addition, you need to call your insurance company to verify that your rental is covered under your policy and to check how much is covered for. You should also reach out to your credit cards as the most major cards cover rental insurance or else provide additional rental insurance. You should also check whether you receive a discount on your rental for having AAA. Many rental services also offer the option of prepaying for your gas on a prepaid gas card. This can save time and money so you should always ask your rental service if this is an option.

Hopefully this list give you some ideas of things you need to bring on your next trip to keep your rental in working order. You can pick up all of the essentials and much more at or today.

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