The Ultimate Guide to La Jolla

This magnificent hilly seaside stretches along the beautiful coastline of San Diego, California. La Jolla is a Spanish name that refers to a ‘jewel.’ For this reason, the city is famously referred to as the ‘Jewel City.’

La Jolla Children's Pool Aerial Photo

The beautiful hilly lands are decorated by high-end homes and luxury hotels. All these enjoy the view of the clear blue waters from most of the sides. La Jolla is known to be a favorite for many actors, celebrities, royalties, and other well-to-do people.

Some of the Spectacular places to visit in La Jolla include:

The LA Jolla Village

The village is one of the posh areas with high-end boutiques and shops. The sunny and well-manicured lanes are lined up with outdoor cafés and coffee shops. The Prospectus Street in the village has some of the biggest brands in fashion and motor industry including a Ralph Lauren and a Ferrari dealership shop.

The Breathtaking Beaches

The La Jolla coastline is lined up with tall hanging cliffs towering up to 350-foot. It also has sandstone coves ideal for great photo-shoots. The Windansea beach is a great place to surf and soak. The beach offers the best picturesque coves that are perfect for family outings. For a family looking to have a great beach experience, one can get hotels that are just a walking distance from the beach.

La Jolla Cove Hotels

The place has earned a reputation as one of the best hotel destination in California. La Jolla Cove is the best site to watch the majestic sea lions and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. It offers hotels with the best standards and the most fantastic beach views. Some of the most popular La Jolla Cove hotels include:
Ø La Valencia Hotel: It is located approximately 0.1 miles from the La Jolla Cove. The landmark hotel was built back in the year 1926.
Ø La Jolla Cove Suites
Ø La Jolla Inn
Ø La Jolla Cove Marine Park

This is the 6,000-acre underwater marine park in La Jolla. It serves as the habitat for wildlife such as giant sea bass, Orange Garibaldi, baitfish, opaleye, seals and the Barracuda. The marine park offers the best place for activities such as:
Ø Snorkeling: One can enjoy the amazing color and life of the marine park.
Ø Scuba Diving: It provides the best experiences for guided scuba diving into the deep La Jolla sea beds. The Go Kelp forest is the best place for scuba diving.
Ø Swimming
Ø Kayaking
Ø Golf Courses

La Jolla attracts most of the affluent people in the state. It has some of the country’s top golf courses. These include Torrey Pines Golf Courses, Maderas Golf Club, Del Mar National Golf Club and the Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course.

In conclusion, La Jolla has the best amenities and the most exhilarating sites for a weekend out with family and friends. It is a place worth scheduling for in the next holiday plan.

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