The Maldives – The perfect holiday destination

There are few places in the world to match the natural beauty that the Maldives offer. Clear blue seas and white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop for that much needed break. A group of islands set in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives is made up of twenty six atolls, with the capital called Male, or the King’s Island. There are more than 1,100 islands, with less than 200 that are inhabited by the local population, while the rest are used for tourism. At an average of 2 metres above sea level, the Maldives is the lowest country in the world.


Undiscovered beauty

As a tourist destination, the Maldives remained relatively unknown until the 1970’s, when it transformed the economy. The main industry was fishing, yet in just three decades, tourism became the major income for the smallest Asian country. Today sees a large number of Maldives Resorts scattered among the many small islands that were previously uninhabited. With a total land area of just over 90,000 square kilometres, and a population of 300,000, the Maldives is the smallest and least populated country in Asia.

High level of service

The Maldives has become a top-level holiday destination with the emphasis on luxurious surroundings with the best service. It is a popular choice for the wealthy, perhaps due to a mixture of remoteness and sheer beauty. The level of privacy appeals to those who like to get away from the hustle and bustle of western living, with secluded lagoons providing the perfect place to relax. More than 100 resorts line the sandy shores of the tiny islands that make up the country, offering a wide array of watersports and other activities, or just a tranquil place to unwind.


As one would expect, water activities are very popular on the islands, with waterskiing, paragliding and windsurfing all represented. Big game fishing is also on the menu, with spectacular marlin and sailfish that occupy the seas around the islands. The clear blue waters offer a truly amazing underwater experience with scuba diving and snorkeling trips, where one can swim with a vast array of marine life.

Luxury is part of the experience

When you arrive at your chosen resort, you are pampered in every sense of the word. With Spa facilities and round the clock service, your every whim is catered for by friendly staff who know how to make you feel relaxed. It could be said that you will be waited on hand and foot for the entire duration of your stay. While it may not be the cheapest holiday destination, its popularity has steadily grown due to its charm and tranquility. Here is some more information on the Maldives and it’s colourful history.

Perfect for honeymoon couples

The Maldives has long been a favourite honeymoon destination, ideal for that romantic getaway, with secluded resorts offering a unique experience. There are special honeymoon packages, which include a champagne breakfast followed by a four-course lunch on the beach. Newlyweds can experience romantic candlelit dinners and early evening strolls along pristine beaches, to make that honeymoon experience truly memorable.

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