The Main Issues that Bring Down Your Car’s Resale Value

So you’re getting ready to sell the car that you have owned for years and you want to get the best price for it? Or perhaps you have just gotten a new car but you want to keep it in good shape in order to preserve its resale value for the future? Your car will lose value naturally with use, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure that its resale price is as high as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that car resale value is decreased:

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You Haven’t Been Servicing it Regularly

Your car needs to be serviced regularly in order to keep it in good shape. It would seem that this should go without saying, but many car owners do not keep up with their servicing schedule. Addressing any potential issues right away is important in order to prevent any further damage to the vehicle. A car that has not been regularly serviced will dramatically decrease in value – so make sure that you make it a priority to keep your car regularly serviced.

You Didn’t Document the Servicing

Even if you did have the car serviced, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t document this. When you try to sell the car you will need to provide proof that you didn’t skimp on the maintenance, such as mechanic receipts, tire receipts, MOT history and a V5 logbook.

This will prove to the buyer that the vehicle has been cared for at a high standard. Keep this information organised and in a safe place so that you can hand it over to the person who is buying the car.

You Customised the Car Too Much

Perhaps you thought that the racing stripes or the funny window decals were cool, but the person buying your vehicle won’t necessarily be into them. Adding too much extra personality to your vehicle could make it so that it doesn’t appeal to a potential buyer. If you add something to make your car special, make it a seat cover or an air freshener that can be easily removed without damaging the car when you want to sell.

You Let the Interior Get Messy

When you are trying to sell your used car, the cleanliness of the vehicle will make a bit difference on the price you will be able to sell it for. Many people clean the exterior of the car by taking it to a car wash, but they fail to clean the interior as well. No one wants to purchase a car that is dirty, smelly and grimy inside!

Keep your car from getting odours and deep worked-in grime by cleaning it on a regular basis. Avoid smoking in your vehicle as it creates a smell that is almost impossible to get out and is revolting to non-smokers.

Also, you can take preventative measures such as using seat covers, floor mats and hatchbag car boot covers to protect your car’s interior. There are even car boot covers that are designed to perfectly fit your make and model of car, such as Ford Boot Liners, BMW Boot Liners and Audi Boot Liners.

You Haven’t Repaired Dings and Scratches

This one seems obvious, but if your car has a lot of surface damage such as dings and scratches this can really negatively affect the resale value. It is worth paying the money to have these scratches fixed at the body shop before you try to sell the car. When you do, the car will look a lot better in photos and in person and you are very likely to make back the money you spent in how much the cars value will increase.

These are just a few of the factors that will bring down the resale value of your vehicle. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid any decrease in the car’s resale price as it will be losing value as long as you keep it and use it. However, if you keep your car in good shape and follow these tips you will be able to sell it for the best possible price in the future.

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