The 7 Best Restaurants in Laval

Laval is located 15 miles from Montreal and while it may not compare to the variety of dining options in the big city, it certainly isn’t lacking in good restaurants. Laval offers a mix of traditional French, international and contemporary cuisines so there’s really no need to drive to Montreal to enjoy a delicious meal.

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Here’s a list of the 7 best restaurants in Laval:

1. Dunn’s

This is a restaurant chain that is popular for its perfectly cooked smoked meats. They smoke their meat the traditional way and their home-style cooking is a favorite among locals. But they’re not all about smoked meat. They also have an array of dishes on their menu to satisfy every craving – including pizza, burgers, salads, and appetizers.

2. À L’Imparfait

This restaurant serves classic French cuisine and emphasizes local ingredients as well as seasonal ingredients. Your mouth will water at the sight of their rack of lamb with rosemary and roasted garlic, and the grilled Albacore tuna steak should not be missed. Apart from their delectable menu, they also boast of a beautiful and relaxed setting. Their interior is decorated with hard wood floors and the crisp white table linens project sophistication. Prices are reasonable too.

3. Le Pirate de Laval

This one is an upscale restaurant offering seafood and Italian cuisine. The interior is very chic and is inspired by a pirate ship. Le Pirate de Laval opened in 1976 and ever since the time, it has been a mainstay in the dining scene of Laval. This family owned restaurant offers generous portions that are presented elegantly. We recommend their fish of the day, fresh grilled lobster and chef’s cannelloni.

4. Charme Cochinchine

Charme Cochinchine offers authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Its menu options include an array of soups, beef, fish, chicken and even vegetarian entrees, sushi, and fried ice cream. The location of this restaurant is inside a mall and you can even bring your own bottle of wine or beer, since they don’t serve alcoholic beverages.

5. La Vieille Histoire

La Vieille Histoire is a French restaurant set in a fully restored 19th century house. Their menu changes every 3 months to present diners with new and imaginative flavors. Their menu features veal, lamb, rabbit, duck and fresh fish. At La Vieille Histoire, you get to dine on delicious meals in a very cozy and elegant ambience.

6. Table 51

This trendy restaurant serves comfort food prepared in a variety of unique ways. It’s a bit high-end and their menu includes steaks, sandwiches, salads and soups. They only use hormone-free meats too. Don’t miss traditional Quebec favorites like the poutine and make sure to try their braised short rub with root veggies.

7. Trattoria Bellamore

Any first-time visitor who comes to Trattoria Bellamore is sure to go back. Dining here feels like having a nice meal with the whole family in a laidback and comfortable atmosphere. Owned by a father and son duo, their menu focuses on home-cooked Italian fare and it also changes twice a month. The interior is elegant and sunny, and it also has a lovely terrace.

If you ever find yourself in Laval, don’t forget to make reservations at any of these restaurants and enjoy an excellent meal.

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