Summer Vacations: Is it time yet?

The month of July is upon you. That time of the year when the end of the academic year at school is drawing closer. Temperatures have started soaring and it’s beginning to get sultry. Have you decided what you want to do with the hot yet free months coming up? Aren’t you thinking of your summer vacation yet? If you are, there are quite a few things you need to think about and prioritize. How do you wish to spend your summer this year? Want a holiday? What’s your destination going to be? Are you going to fly to it or take the road? When should you start booking tickets?

Your vacation plan will most importantly revolve around what the age of your family is. If you have no kids and are just a couple, not much planning may be needed as you can even just backpack and explore. With toddlers, planning is of essence and as children grow up, holidays can become a lot more fun and far less of a hassle! So which bracket do you fall under? Let the advent of summer motivate you and don’t be frightened about it. There are so many plans you can make and so far that can go into each plan because you have nearly up to August to think about it!

You could plan a summer camp trip (in Danish rejse) for the whole family! That could be a lot of fun and would involve every member of your household from the oldest to the youngest. Look up choices among locations, transport, dates, activities and costing. You could even plan a trip to go meet your grandparents who you last met at Thanksgiving or Christmas! They’ve probably been waiting for you in anticipation for so long! Chances are that you might be up for a reunion with friends from school or college that you have not gotten around to meeting for years because of hectic schedules. Life may have changed since you last hung out together but no matter how long the gap, you tend to pick up from where you left and it is such a wonderful feeling! You might be well in the mood for a sporty, adrenaline-thumping adventurous summer, so which one would you pick from rappelling, white water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, snorkeling and trekking.

You indeed must be spoilt for choices but it would really be worth it to sit down and draw up a nice and clear plan. Think of where you want to go to do whatever you plan to do over the summer. A cool, breezy and relaxing destination might be good for you. If you are the type who is looking for some peace and serenity, you could consider going to the mountains. The fresh air and nature’s bounty will sweep you off your feet! A trip to a seaside locale would also serve the same purpose. The soothing sounds of the rolling waves will be like music to your tired soul! Children as well as adults can enjoy these equally as these destinations are suitable for everyone. So go ahead and give your hot summer days a chilled kick-start with a super summer vacation agenda!

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