Essential Winter Equipment for Enthusiastic Snowboarders

The first snowfall of the year can only mean that, as Game of Thrones fans like to put it, winter is coming. For most winter is a season of joy, presents, fun and sports, and why wouldn’t it be? It is the time of the year when we can finally take some time for ourselves and enjoy life. While some indulge in tanning in tropical paradises, others engage in more adventurous activities. Snowboarding I one of them. But before you taste the puffy white snow, and perform any tricks, you must properly prepare your basic snowboarding gear.


As you probably already know, the ideal way of clothing during winter is to dress by layers. This is because, in case of cold weather, you can protect yourself, but you will also not risk overheating from pushing your endurance limits. The most efficient system for winter is the three layer one: the base, or the inner layer (socks and underwear), the middle layer (general clothing and a fleece) and the outer layer (winter clothes).

Base and Second Layer Recommendations

Snowboarding Gear doesn’t just mean a pair of goggles and a cool board. The protective layers are essential, because you will definitely not be enjoying yourself if you are freezing to death on the slope. Here are the basic requirements to maintain body heat and avoid drawing moisture.

  • Wool combinations are comfortable and warm, but most specialists recommend the use of synthetic materials like polypropylene. A great addition to your winter equipment would be a thermal body short, that will transfer moisture to the outer layer.

  • Socks are the most important elements of your inner layer. They are the key to a good boot fit that will feel comfortable, and they will also keep your feet dry. Although the common belief is that thicker socks are better, the truth is that you should go for thinner ones, made from synthetic, because snowboarding boots already have their own insulation. Reminder: socks have to come half-way up the calf.

  • Bonus: Have you ever heard of thermal under-wear? If you are having trouble maintaining a constant body temperature then they might be helpful. They are usually made from polypropylene.

  • Snowboard boots are a special type of boots that work together with your snowboard bindings. In this regard, you must pay extra attention to the way they connect to your board. Boots vary according to the manner in which they hold your feet in place, so you should check out several models before purchasing one.

  • As far as the middle layer is concerned, you will probably need to purchase a fleece jacket or sweater, as it is the key component to keeping warm, and permitting the skin to breathe.

Outer Equipment for Completing the Snowboarding Ensemble

After having covered the basics, there are still some things that need addressing and that will add a certain je ne sais qua to your entire ensemble. Your helmet is for instance the first thing to take into consideration, not only because of the safety aspects that it brings with it, but because of the possibility of distinguishing yourself amongst all other snowboarders due to certain helmet features. Exposing your head to extreme temperatures is a bad idea and your helmet will not only protect your precious head when falling (and you will fall) but also keep you nice and warm.

Goggles and gloves are the next thing to purchase. Cold weather makes for cold hands, and nobody likes cold hands. Be sure to buy gloves that allow a full range of motion but are padded, preferably designed for snowboarding, so that you can neither cut your hands when touching your board, nor get frostbites when riding like crazy the whole day long. A pair of goggles is not a must have but it will surely come in handy, especially when it is snowing. They improve visibility and protect your eyes while still maintaining your polished look.

The Jacket is not to be left to chance. You would say that the most important things are your board and shoes, but making sure you own a water repellant, windproof jacket is of the utmost importance. When it comes down to it, you are going to have fun and you can’t do it if you are constantly cold or wet, so investing in a proper jacket seems like the reasonable thing to do.

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