Six Top Romantic Getaways for Married Couples

It can be hard for married couples to get away from work and the kids for a few days. But to strengthen a relationship, couples have to periodically find some time for themselves. All you need is to find a terrific location and find the best luxury villa rentals you can afford.


Romantic vacations for two can put the spice back into a marriage, but it’s also good for your health. It’s a great way to get some stress relief, after all.

So where should the two of you go, and what should you do? That depends on what your interests are. Here are our recommendations:

Nature and Beach Lovers

For those who love the outdoors, perhaps nothing beats a vacation by the beach. That’s especially true when you try more intimate beaches such as those found in the Dominican Republic. Here, you can find beaches where there aren’t too many people around, while you can enjoy zip lining, bird watching, and hiking.


Some nature lovers may wish for a simpler time outdoors, and in the US you can always go to a National Park. These places aren’t just gorgeous, but they’re very affordable to visit as well. It’s even possible for you to go camping in such picturesque locations like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier Park. The Moab Desert is an especially romantic getaway for couples, with the rigged red rocks around you providing a quiet backdrop for romance.

Privacy Seekers

When your daily lives always involve having people around, it’s natural that the two of you may wish for more time alone. Instead of crowded museums, you need a deserted beach. One terrific place to find that is in Thailand. Despite the country’s popularity as a tourist destination, here you can find plenty of quiet towns where the beaches are stunning, and the scenery is breathtaking. What’s more, you won’t spend as much as you probably feared. It’s much more budget-friendly than you suspected.


Romantic couples who like to try various types of cuisines have two main options when it comes to romantic getaways. One is to find the original country of your favorite dishes. So if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, you can head to Rome, Venice, Naples, or Palermo for some authentic Latin dishes.

But then you can also visit a truly multicultural city like New York, where just about every cultural group is well represented. That means the cuisine of the whole world is available to you and you only need to find the right restaurants to satisfy your gustatory curiosity.

Wine Lovers

For years, wine lovers (especially in the US) had two main options for romantic getaways. Either you can go to Paris, or head on out to the Napa Valley in California.

But now there are more affordable options that are beginning to be discovered by more intrepid wine adventurers. One such discovery is the Okanagan Valley in Canada, where there are more sunny days than in the Napa Valley. Here you can visit vineyards with fantastic architecture while you participate in some wine-tasting and fine dining. You can then retire to a room with a view of the beautiful Okanagan Lake.


What about those who like to get their heart pumping during their getaway? You don’t need to go far, as Belize is just 2 hours away from Miami. Here you can explore Mayan ruins, dive and snorkel in world-class waters, and go zip-lining in rain forests. It’s Eden for those who love excitement!

So plan your romantic vacation now, and get some time away. This isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for your marriage as well as for your health!


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