Road trips

Why they make some of the best holidays

Taking road trips with my parents and siblings are some of my best memories as a child, from I-spy and interesting sights along the way, to desperately needing the bathroom halfway from nowhere to nowhere. There are a lot of great reasons to take the family on a road trip; here are a few of them.


Family time

Being stuck in a car together for hours on end may not sound like the best thing you could do – especially if your kids don’t always get along, but you can always put the teenager up front and sit in the back with the younger one(s) yourself. Put away the iPads and cell phones and bond a little. I-Spy and road trip bingo are both great car games for younger kids.

Listen to each other’s music. We love having a 6 CD changer in the car because we can each pick a CD and just let them play through as we drive. So jam out to your daughter’s Disney soundtrack for a while, then see if you can get your teens and tweens to appreciate Neil Diamond and Roxette (too old? – whatever you grew up listening to).


Unlike charter flights, buses or trains, making your own way means you can go as far as you like in a day, stop when you need to rest or just stretch your legs, and take detours. These can be more than just ‘avoiding the roadwork’ detours, you can stop and see some interesting sights along the way. Show your kids your old high school, or take a drive through a National Park. It doesn’t add all that much time to the journey and it breaks up the monotony of freeway driving.

Cut the cab fee

Driving to your destination means you’ve already got transport when you get there. No more renting cars or hailing cabs. In some cases, like New York City, you may be better off taking the subway, but it’s great to have your own car available when you need it.

Comfort Zone

If you’re taking a long trip with several stops along the way, skip the hotels and motels and rent an RV. You or the kids can sleep, play games or watch a movie while your partner drives. It saves a lot of packing and unpacking and you have a lot more space than in your five-seater sedan.


If you took road trips as a kid, taking one with your own kids will definitely bring back some memories, even if your kids also roll their eyes at every ‘when I was your age’ story.

If you aren’t bringing back old memories, a road trip with the family is the perfect opportunity to create some new ones that will stick with you and the kids for a lifetime.


Pack some snacks, charge up the PSP, and hit the road. Pro tip – always keep a roll of toilet paper in the glove box, you never know when you’ll need to pull over unexpectedly.

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