Preventing mosquito bites while traveling – Don’t fall prey to the Zika virus

With the huge spread of zika virus, mosquitoes have transformed from bothersome insects to fearsome disease-carriers. Irrespective of whether or not you’re traveling to a region which is already zika-infected, you should take all the necessary steps to dodge a single bug bite. Mosquitoes are one of those worst categories of insects and they have claim to fame of being able of drinking blood 3 times of their weight and laying up to 300 eggs. Now that the zika virus has become a worldwide concern, it’s a reminder for you to take preventive measures to avoid bug bites even while you travel. Read on to know about some advices and tips that you should follow while traveling in order to avoid being bit by mosquitoes.


  • Choose the best insect repellent

There are times when the best answer is perhaps the most obvious one. Wearing the best bug biting repellent is the best way to prevent such diseases from spreading, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are even marked as safe for pregnant women and children. Hence, before traveling, make sure you fill up your toiletry kit with your best insect repellents which contain picaridin, deet, PDE, oil of lemon eucalyptus and IR3535. Bug repellent sprays containing 20% deet protect the user for around 5 hours.

  • Dress in a manner which repels mosquitoes and bugs

If you think that your skin seems to be too attractive for the mosquitoes, try to wear protective clothing. While packing your clothes, take shirt and tops with long sleeves, full pants and socks in your bag even when you’re traveling to a warm place during summer. Choose light colors as they’re less attractive to mosquitoes. Treat your clothes with Permethrin before you travel. Though it is true that an outfit which repels mosquitoes isn’t a fashionable one, yet your health comes before fashion, isn’t it?

  • A mosquito net is a must for your travel pack

Not every accomodation or hotel which you plan to stay in will have the luxury of including an air conditioning system. For those rooms which don’t have an added layer of protection, you should opt for your self-help. Surround your bed with mosquito netting once you go to sleep at night. Be prepared for this in advance by including a mosquito net in your travel bag.

  • Consult your house health physician

Though you take the above mentioned precautions, yet there is no such measure which can assure you that you won’t be bit by a mosquito. If you’re about to visit a place which has prevalent diseases like malaria, yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis, talk to your house health physician for any medication or vaccination which might be perfect to fight such diseases at that moment.

Weighing your medical risks while planning your trip is important. Apart from following the above mentioned steps to avoid bug biting, you may check out for more information.

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