Planning a Florida vacation – Is there any way in which you can make it thrifty?

It is true that planning a vacation to the Sunshine State is definitely a luxurious splurge and this is why there are many people who are not able to fulfill their dreams of visiting Florida. But it is not that you HAVE to spend a huge amount of your dollars when you plan a trip to Florida as there are definitely ways in which you can make the trip a little thriftier. If you know the ways in which you can make the most out of your dollars, you can always be profitable and who doesn’t wish to save money? Here are some vital tips that you can follow in order to save money for your next Florida vacation.


  1. Plan your vacation during spring or fall: Majority of the people who plan a vacation to Florida come here either during summer, when families move to places for their school’s summer vacation or during winter when people love the sunshine in Florida. This clearly implies that you will find the best vacation to Florida during the off season which is also known as the shoulder season, in April and May or during September and October when it’s Thanksgiving and Labor Day. You may consider Disney Port Orleans Resort which charges you around $170 per night.
  2. Plan to enjoy in a lesser known beach: If all that you desire for is a Florida beach vacation, you must be eager to look for cheaper accomodations. If you wish to stay in a rental home which is located in the popular beach Panama City beach, this would probably cost you $1200 a week even during fall and shoulder season. Instead if you could head towards Apalachicola, which is a less popular beach, the home could cost you less than $800 per week. Yes, if you’re planning to spend time just relaxing on a beach and in your home, this is definitely the best destination for you.
  3. Plan to stay in a condo or a vacation home: At the first go, choosing a condominium or a rental home should seem like it is an expensive choice but in the long run, you will realize that this is indeed a money-saving option. The benefit that you may reap from renting a home is you will get access to an entire kitchen. Some of these condos or vacation homes are even pet-friendly and hence you can also bring along your cat or dog with you.
  4. Plan to leverage the package deals: Just as you can save money by bundling your internet and cable, booking a vacation through package deals can give you access to other discounts like a rental car or a hotel. You may get help of a Florida guide and ask him to give you advice about the places where you can save money while staying at a comfortable place too.

Therefore if you’re about to visit Florida and you also want to make it thrifty as well, you may take into account the above mentioned points.

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