New Travel-worthy destinations for wine lovers

There’s more to your wine adventure than just Napa’s Silverado Trail and Willamette Valley. You haven’t exhausted your wine-country options from Atlantic to Pacific. Here I’ll list some more vineyards-dotted destinations that deliver delicious varietals amid gourmet meals and stunning vistas.


Middleburg, Virginia.

Your itinerary. Middleburg is tucked into the foothills of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Virginia and is famous for both wine and horses, but if wine’s you’re after, you may start at The Boxwood Winery. The modern wine producer established the Middleburg AVA in 2012 and offers wine tasting in a modern Fieldstone complex created by Jacobsen Architecture. Downtown you’ll find unique restaurants and boutiques. Go into Home Farm Store or Market Salamander for an on-the-go sandwich featuring local ingredients.

Paso Robles, California.

Your itinerary. On the Golden State’s Central Coast about 30 miles North of San Lus Obispo lies more than 200 area wineries, many cultivating Paso’s famous Zinfandel grapes. Take a trip down Adelaida Road as well as the nearby Vineyard Drive to experience must-see tasting rooms. Take a tour through Tablas Creek for Vineyard for Rhone-style concoctions. Enjoy a locally produced meal at casual-chic eateries such as Thomas Hills Organics Bistro & Wine Bar and the Artisan (both awesome places to try more local wines).

Jamesport, New York.

Your itinerary. A great stop on Long Island’s famed North Form wine trail, Jamesport is found less than two hours away from both The Hamptons and New York City. And since Jamesport Vineyards were founded in 1981, the North Fork has enjoyed an entire wine industry springing up among the region’s farms and beaches. Sherwood House Vineyard’s serves its French-style whites and reds – and Long Island’s first special brandy – in an 1860s farmhouse, and the Clovis Point potato-barn tasting room that boasts the winery’s chardonnay, Merlot and cabernet franc.

Woodinville, Washington.

Your itinerary. With more than 100 tasting rooms and wineries populating this area of the Sammamish River Valley, just half an hour from downtown Seattle, this place is a haven for wine lovers. Through the distributed favorites, such as Chateau Ste. Michelle, and many boutique vineyards, Woodinville’s producers make about three million cases every year. Two of the location’s originals – Columbia Winery and Chateau Ste. Michelle – operates tasting rooms, seven days a week and even offer a slew of special concerts and events on-site.

Palisade, Colorado.

Your itinerary. This may not look like your normal wine region, with all the red-rock mesas surrounding the area. However, this area in Colorado is perfect for wine grapes and even orchards. Palisade’s winemakers create a good amount of fruit vino, but also robust chardonnays and classic pinot gris, with some of the greatest found at Grande River Vineyards and Canyon Wind Cellars tasting rooms. There’s no better way to travel between Palisade’s wineries than using a bicycle, or even yet, a cruiser. The small town also boasts a Meadery, brewery and distillery.

There you have it! Now you have more reasons to get out of town in search of exquisite wines. Can’t travel anytime soon? You can order your favorite wines chardonnays, vino, or classic pinot gris from the comfort of your own home.

Happy wine hunting!

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