Keeping Your Belongings Safe By Using Luggage Locks and Other Methods

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys because of the opportunities to enjoy new sights and sounds, meet new people and savor new cultures. But traveling comes with some risks too, including the risk of losing your belongings to theft. Fortunately, you can significantly decrease your chances of becoming a victim of pilfering and loss of luggage with the following proven methods:

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#1 Use Tamper-Evident Locks

With tamper-evident luggage locks, you will immediately be alerted if there’s an attempted theft of your belongings. This is because the system cannot be easily opened without leaving obvious signs of tampering, not to mention that its design does not allow items of any size to be removed from and inserted into the luggage without your knowledge.

The tamper-evident luggage locking system will not actually deter theft but it can discourage thieves in another way – by locking the zippers such that the sliders can only be moved a few inches. This adds an extra layer of security although you have to keep in mind, too, that the TSA can still open your luggage for security checks. In case your luggage is opened for a physical inspection, your bag should have a Notification of Checked Baggage Inspection card placed inside.

#2 Get to the Beltway ASAP

Your luggage will also be at high risk of theft at the arrival carousel. Your luggage can be picked up by a random stranger, which means you’ll have little to no chance of recovering your belongings. You have to be at the arrivals carousel as soon as possible to prevent this.

If you cannot be at the arrivals carousel, you should have one of your travel companions get your luggage just to be on the safe side.

#3 Use Distinctive Marks on Your Luggage

While store-bought luggage are up to par, you should add distinctive features on it. Examples include a colored sash tied tightly around the handle, a personalized color on the front, and even your own photo embossed on one side of the bag. You will be surprised at the numerous ways that adding your own personal touch as a security measure are available.

#4 Hold on to your Baggage Receipt

At the departure area, the ticket agent will issue a sticker that will be attached to your luggage. You will be given a receipt that, in turn, will be attached to your boarding pass. You should hold on to your receipt as this is proof that, indeed, you have rightful ownership to the bag on which its corresponding label has been attached to.

#5 Check Your Bag’s Destination

Even experienced airline personnel will make mistakes including in the destination of your luggage. You should ask the airline employee at the check-in counter to check that the correct label has been attached to your bag. You and your luggage should obviously be on the same flight – or else you will find that all other measures we’ve mentioned above, including the use of tamper-evident luggage locks, will be for nothing.

Your increased vigilance will work to your benefit considering that even airline employees and TSA agents have been found guilty of pilferage and theft of passengers’ belongings.

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