Japan Holidays and How You Can Make The Most of Them

Japan is one of the most amazing destinations for the tourists. The green landscape, the calm rivers and the scenic beauty attracts multitudes of tourists from all over the world to this country each year. Japan is also famous for its luxurious accommodations, outdoor activities and historical places. The places have heritage sites like the geographical parks, the museums, the historic sites and monuments. The tours can be planned very tactfully to the places of enjoyment. Here are some of the places in Japan that are worth visiting. Plan it out with the tour advisors and choose the tour packages accordingly.

Himeji Castle

This is also known as the White Heron Castle and this is the greatest example of Japanese architecture for castles. The castle includes eighty three buildings inclusive of gates, corridors, storehouses, turrets from the feudal period. This is one of the UNESCO world heritage tourist places and the most viewed castles on their website. The historical castle presents the architecture during the feudal system in an amazing variety. This is a must-visit in your list of places for Japan tours.

Mount Fuji:

Mount Fuji is one of the holy mountains in Japan and a very popular spot for trekking. The best period for hiking here is between July to August. The hiking season brings facilities of accommodation and other facilities too during Japan tours. This also provides a great experience for accommodation for visitors.

Nikko: This is a popular tourist spot which a good number of temples. This city is a wonderful mountain resort and the visitors are fond of visiting the place. There are a good number of mountains, forests and streams here.


Miyajima is a shrine island. It is noted for the famous Itsukushima shrine. There are many places of attractions near Miyajima. You can plan the trip accordingly to look at the beautiful shrines of Miyajima.

Matsumoto castle:

Matsumoto castle has another strange name. It is also known as the crow castle. This is one of the most popular castles in Japan along with the Himeji castle and the Matsumoto castle. It has a water filled moat which makes it look unique and it also depicts the beauty of the Japanese architecture in a different way. This is a national treasure of Japan and it is also built on a plain rather than on a hilltop.

If you are planning to stay in Japan for some more time and have planned your trip accordingly, you will have to fill up your itinerary with fun things that require you to travel to some more places of attractions. You can consult the travel advisors online or visit them at their office to plan your customized trips with them.

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