How To Travel Europe’s Fashion Capitals On A Budget

From the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan to the more alternative style scenes in Amsterdam and Prague, nearly every inch of Europe has something to offer trendy travellers. However, constantly buying new garments from the continent’s finest designer stores and independent boutiques will come at a cost.

But before you give up on the idea of discovering what the latest trends are in Sweden or Spain, take a look at the following guide on how to travel Europe’s fashion capitals on a budget.


Earn money while travelling

If you are able to make some money on your way around Europe, then splashing the cash on a stunning new outfit in each and every destination is well within the realms of possibility. Whether you decide to play blackjack in an online casino (also a cheaper alternative to the real thing if you are looking for fun) or find work as a tour guide, this extra bit of cash may even allow you to extend your trip too.

Some alternative opportunities for income include teaching English in a language school, becoming an au pair for a foreign family, getting a seasonal job such as cleaning a ski chalet, becoming a tour guide, or writing a fashion blog about your experience.

Stick to what you’re good at and keep your earnings ‘ring fenced’ for fashion.

Explore every transportation option possible

In order to get from one destination to the next, you will need some form of transportation. Bear in mind that even if you would prefer to travel around in the convenience and comfort of a car, this will end up being incredibly expensive in terms of fuel, insurance, parking, and tolls.

So, always explore every transportation option possible to keep your bank balance in the black. There are numerous budget airlines that operate within Europe and you might be surprised at how cheap it is to fly between major cities.

If you have got more time on your hands, Europe’s road and rail networks are extensive, but compare the cost of buses and trains before making a booking. Search out offers, travel off peak and don’t go for the fastest routes to get a bargain. You may also want to see whether a car sharing service is available to your next port of call.

Explore every accommodation option possible

Again, it makes sense to do some research prior to making an expensive hotel reservation. You might want to look like a famous catwalk model, but that doesn’t mean to say you can stay in the same calibre of accommodation when travelling Europe on a budget.

Visit comparison websites to find low-cost hotels or hostels and use a few insider tips to get an even cheaper price. Alternatively, see whether you can rent a bed in someone else’s home or even sleep on their sofa.

Immersing yourself in Europe’s fashion capitals doesn’t mean having to live the life of the rich and famous. Seeing and shopping in fashion’s finest hotspots should be your goal, keep that in mind.

Avoid splashing out on food and drink

If panache is your priority, then it pays to make sacrifices in other areas. Seeing as you can quite easily end up spending a fortune on food and drink while travelling, being more miserly at mealtimes is a good place to start.

Therefore, eat as much as you can at your hotel’s breakfast buffet, find out where the locals go for an affordable bite and try to stay in places with a kitchen to cook your own food.

Follow this advice and you should be able to capitalise on the style and sophistication of Europe’s fashion capitals.

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