Historical Sites around the World worth Visiting

Do you love the thrill and excitement traveling around the world? Are you looking for an up-close exploration and discovery of historical places that you only read and imagine in books, television or internet? Great! If you are enthusiastic about traveling and enjoy exploring the world, there are still some places that are waiting for you to be discovered. Book a tour or explore yourself, learn the world’s history and rich culture of diverse countries while gaining valuable knowledge and relishing a worthwhile educational experience on the following historical sites around the world that is worth visiting.


Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza is included as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World situated in Giza near the Nile River west bank of Cairo. This pyramid was especially built by Egyptian people, which serves as the tomb for many Egyptian Pharos and royal leaders. It was built around 2500 B.C to 2700 B.C, and still surviving up until now. There are three pyramids namely Khafra, Khufu and the Menkaura. Khufu was the largest and tallest pyramid among the three, covering about 13 acres of land. If you would go inside the pyramid, you will see narrow corridors and hidden chambers in the interior especially intended to foil grave robbers. You’ll also find a sculpture of Sphinx in the area, which is a depiction of sacred God in ancient Egypt.

Garden of Babylon

Hanging garden of Babylon is one of the most mysterious historical heritages in the world because of its innovative construction and unique architecture that is explicitly difficult to picture out during the ancient time. The hanging Garden of Babylon was especially built by King Nebuchadnezzar II as a gift for his wife Queen Amytitis who missed the nature in her homeland in Media. Sadly, the Hanging Garden of Babylon suffered from various calamities and several earthquakes, reasons why it is no longer on its original structure. Many documents says that pictures the structure having gardens that are planted as his as 75ft. in huge square bricks that are laid out in ladders steps just like a theater.

Temple of Artemis

Have you already watched the movie ‘Percy Jackson?’, if so, you are probably amazed by the structure of the temple in the movie, which actually portrays the same construction like the Temple of Artemis. This historical site was a Greek Temple dedicated for Artemis, the Goddess of wild and hunters. It was built hundred years ago during 550 B.C, but was destroyed in the succeeding years by the mob that is led by Archbishop Constantinople. If you will visit the historical site, you’ll see pieces of columns and shafts made of marble. Many of its architectural pieces were acquired by the British Museum.

Terrace Houses at Ephesus

The terrace houses at Ephesus were situated on the hill that is opposite on the Hadrian Temple. Terrace Houses are also called as the ‘house of rich’ portraying the prosperous family life during the time of Roman Period. These houses are built according to the architectural Hipodamian plan of the metropolis where roads are transected towards each other at right angles. These terrace houses are covered with protective roofing that resembles Roman houses. The oldest of these houses dates back to 1 century B.C. There are mosaics on the floor, and the frescos were consolidated which is now open to the public as museum. Terrace Houses has per style (interior courtyard) in the center with an open ceiling. The excavations of these houses begin in 1960, and now, the terrace houses has been restored and carefully preserved.


Cappadocia is located at the center of Anatolian Region in Turkey, where you will see different rock formations such as hills, valley and canyons that are created due to eroding wind and rain for many years. The lava-covered plain was located in between two volcanic mountains, Melendiz and Hasan. The ancient people took cue from the natural formation made by Mother Natures and began carving tunnels and amazing chambers from the soft rock. Human hands incredibly worked out for this marvelous historical site. The rocky villages were made up of man-made network of caves to be a place for worship, storehouses, stables and living quarters. Today, extensive efforts are being made by the locals to ensure that Cappadocia survive for the next millennium.


Known as one of the world’s wonder and well-known prehistoric landmark in Europe, Stonehenge is one of best historical sites in the world that you must not miss to visit in your historical tour. Stonehenge is a large stone monument located in the wide plain of Salisbury, England. The stone monument was built between 5000 to 4000 years ago. The biggest stones have a height of 30ft (9 meters) and weighs up to 25 tons. This marvelous site will surely amaze your eyes because of its complex stone landscape, making you wonder how ancient people built such kind of rock structure.

Gobekli Tepe

Located 6 miles from Urfa, Gobekli Tepe was an ancient city located in the southern Turkey, wherein massive stone carvings can be seen on the historical site. This stone carvings are built over 11,000 years ago, which were crafted and arranged by the prehistoric people who had not yet discovered metal tools or pottery. These standing stone carvings are arranged in circles; where in center has 2 large stones with T shape pillars that are encircled with smaller stones facing inward. This site is believed to be the very first temple in the world dating back in the prehistoric time.

Travelling around the world is one of the must-have experience most of us dreamt of. And once you already reach this dream, the feeling is incomparable. Why don’t you try and see them for yourself or better, book a tour with a guide to experience the rich knowledge. And let your eyes witness the real treasure, which lies behind the world. Definitely, your friends will drool over and get envy along with the stories you bring when you get back on your own home. Isn’t it amazing?

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