Here is Where to Go for the Most Amazing European Vacation

Your vacation is your own personal time, when you get to be the boss and determine how those two weeks to one month will go for you. You get to pick the location, the travel, the activities, and maybe even who will come. Of course if you are married, your significant other will likely have a good amount of input into this decision.

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If you have your eyes set on Europe this year and want to take an amazing trip, there are many options that the continent has to offer.


Since vacations usually take place during the summer when it is warm, it is best to go to places in Europe that excel at warm weather amenities and this typically means the coastal cities of southern Europe. There are many countries in Europe including Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Serbia that have amazing coastal cities offering anything that a vacationer could be looking for. All of the cities mentioned in each of these countries have something else in common and that is that all sit on the coast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.


The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most storied bodies of water in the world. For thousands of years travelers have come to the Mediterranean to conduct commerce, live off the abundant sea life, and to have a vacation to remember. Whether the destination has been the coast of Eastern Europe, Turkey, Spain, Italy, or the French cities of Saint-Tropez, or Nice, the Mediterranean has provided unrestricted access to all of these places and many others.


Cruising the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a large body of water that connects two continents and the Middle East.  With more than 20 countries and territories on its borders, it can be difficult to select where exactly to stay. This presents you with an option that does not limit you to one great location, but gives you the chance to view them all and to visit many during your vacation.


The way to accomplish this is to charter a yacht on the Mediterranean. Go to and have a look at the large variety of luxury yachts for charter they offer. If you are licensed and certified, you can captain the boat yourself or can provide a complete crew for you. You can also order any type of amenity on board from a private chef, to a masseuse, to provide you with professional massages before you go to sleep. You can set your entire itinerary with Vyra, and they will also assist with any visas and port issues that need to be worked out in advance.


Having a beautiful boat sitting on the Mediterranean Sea allows you to hang out on the water and cruise to whatever countries you like along its coast. You can stay as long as you like in each, meaning you can take day trips or choose to spend multiple nights at different locations. This gives you access to the best food, shopping, dining, and activities in Europe. You can also play amongst the elite and celebrities who also spend their vacation time here. The vacation will be one to talk about forever and you will no doubt recommend it to friends.


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