Guide to choosing a hotel for your wedding reception – What points to consider?

Are you someone who is wondering about choosing a hotel for your wedding reception venue? If you’re planning for your big day, nothing is as tough as selecting the venue for the auspicious occasion. If you get this day right, it will run smoothly and once you get it wrong, you will end up with a fat bill in lieu of mediocre service. So, when it is time for you to say ‘I do’, you should be able to choose the best hotel as the wedding venue. What are the few things that you should keep in mind while choosing the hotel? If you’re not aware of them, here are some points that you should check out.


  1. Too many guests or is it a small gathering?

You have to start off by making a quick but careful list of the friends and family members who you would like to witness your wedding. Then actually come down to the main list where you chuck off some unnecessary family members who have usually remained estranged. You might prefer to keep your wedding day intimate and private with a handful of guests as there is nothing wrong in it. On the other hand, if you’re more of a social butterfly, you might wish to invite large number of guests. Hence, before choosing a hotel, make sure the hotel offers such a wide range of options of occupying your guests.

  1. Marrying at a different place or keeping it close to your place?

Did you always dream of tying the knot with your special one in your hometown or did you fantasize about marrying within a remote castle? When you’re about to decide your wedding venue, you have to keep in mind the maximum distance the guests would want to travel for attending your party. If you and your partner are from different locations of the world, you can choose a place which is somewhere in between so that the invitees of both the family find it easy to attend. Now this will have an impact on the hotel which you choose.

  1. Is it the right one which gives you the right feeling?

This is almost like buying a house when you walk around it and immediately know whether or not it is the right one for you. Similarly, if you’re looking for potential wedding venues, you need to visit the place once so that you can find out whether or not it is just the right place for you. There’s nothing particular to explain in this piece of advice but you have to get the feeling when you walk into the place which can prompt you to make the right decision. If there are any nagging doubts, just don’t go for it.

There are some ace hotels like IC Hotels Santai Family Resort Antalya which offer you some splendid venues for hosting your marriage. However, make sure you have the best idea of their services before taking the plunge.

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