Food borne Illnesses in the US

With just the United States alone, many food borne illnesses is known to have swept a lot of unfortunate people towards their way to the hospitals. Indeed, with a place teeming with restaurants, snack joints, and street food, it is not surprising to experience or get reports about such illnesses. Even at the best buffets in Vegas, or perhaps the popular restaurants of New York, we can never get away with food borne illnesses. It is everywhere, and it is happening constantly.


Nowadays, these illnesses are still experienced and are very much common in every parts of the United States. In fact, in the past few years, many cases had been reported and had caused great suffering from victims. There are a lot of reasons why such sicknesses happen, but mostly this is due to irresponsible actions and unfortunate circumstances. To know more about these food borne sicknesses, here are some of the most common illnesses that are still continually occurring in the United States today:

  • Botulism

Caused by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, this food borne illness had made everyone’s lives miserable by giving victims paralysis. The most common causes for such illness come from canned foods that had gone awry or damaged.

  • Campylobacter

These bacteria are mostly found in poultry and may cause diarrhea when ingested. When chicken is not cooked properly, or when its juices are still present when eating it, it will most likely make you sick. However, it can easily be cured. Harsh cases of this illness are unlikely.

  • E. Coli

Known for its ability to cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, and fever, this illness often comes from a bacteria which is taken mostly from animal guts. Also, it is commonly found in ground beef, unpasteurized milk, cheese, and raw milk. When you ingest this bacteria, you will surely be in for a horrible trip to the bathroom, and then probably to the hospital.

  • Listeria

It may be found on the soil, but this type of bacteria can still find its way to our food. Most common food products are vegetables, cheese, milk, and meat. A person may have nausea, diarrhea, fever, and muscle aches when being contaminated. About 2,500 people gets severely affected by this illness, and 500 unfortunately dies annually just in the United States alone.

  • Mad Cow Disease

Typically, this disease is taken from cattle with a degenerative disease that affects their nervous system. It is known to be very fatal on humans once a person catches the disease. A person can get this illness once he eats a contaminated part of the sick cattle.

  • Salmonella

A sickness taken from feces, Salmonella is considered to be one of the most popular illnesses in the United States. It causes fever, cramps, and diarrhea. People get this sickness when the food eaten is contaminated with the bacteria, especially the raw ones. Dealing with this is dangerous because when a food is contaminated with Salmonella, it will still look and smell normally, like nothing dangerous has ever taken over it.

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