Borneo Island: Exotic Bliss on the Earth

Borneo is one of those exquisite places on the Earth where you can feel the adventure in the ambiance along with the fresh aroma of the lush green rain forest. It is a large island, which is surrounded by Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and the Indonesian archipelago. It is really a magical place with incredible splendor and interesting wildlife. Anyone who visits this place can expect endless adventure, beautiful beaches and many fascinating things to explore. Sabah and Sarawak are the states of Malaysian Borneo, which are famous for their jungles, rivers, national parks and oceans.

Here is a list of places to visit in Borneo:

  • Mount Kinabalu: Mount Kinabalu is one of the tallest mountains in South East Asia. This mountain is considered sacred to the local people. Numerous trekkers from all around the globe have trekked its peak. This mountain can easily be climbed without the assistance of technical equipment. Kinabalu national park, an amazing botanical paradise, is located at the feet of this mountain. It has beautiful and colorful rare plants including rafflesia, orchids and pitcher plants.
  • Danum Valley Rain Forest:  A slight peek to nature can refresh anyone. If you are an admirer of nature, this is one of the must visit place for you in Borneo. It is located deep in the rain forest of Borneo where nature is reflected in its best form. You will learn about fascinating plants, animals and insects found in this rainforest. Besides, you will be able to see wide varieties of animals like gibbons, orangutans, pygmy elephants, leopards and hornbills.
  • Wild Orangutans in Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre: Borneo is one of the places where people can view wild orangutans. Orangutans are the famous native of Borneo. Sepilok rehabilitation centre is an abode to a large number of proboscis monkeys and orangutans. This rehabilitation centre permits visitors to see orangutans busy in their daily chores in their natural habitat. However, due to massive palm oil plantations, the species of orangutans is facing the risk of extinction. So, this is the best place where you can get to see orangutans in their real action.

You will also get a chance of seeing some rare species including clouded leopard, rhinoceros and Asian elephant in this sanctuary. If you are unable to visit Sepilok centre, you can also encounter orangutans while enjoying a river cruise along the Kinabatangan River.

These are just a few of the attractions you can visit during your Borneo holidays. Undoubtedly, Borneo is one of the exciting and amazing places to visit. If you love going for adventures, then you should not miss this heaven on earth. Once you have visited and felt the natural beauty of Borneo, you will surely want to visit again. If you want to ensure that your stay in Borneo remains unforgettable, you should check Borneo’s tours and vacation packages. Enjoying Borneo Holidays with Freedom Asia is a great idea since their affordable packages will make your trip memorable, fun-filled and exciting in one of the most remarkable island on the globe.

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