Best time to visit Shamwari Game reserve.

Along the wild coast of South Africa, in the midst of the Eastern Cape just 75 kilometres from Port Elizabeth towards Grahamstown, lies the 250 square kilometres Shamwari Game Reserve. Shamwari meaning “my friend” in Shona is home to the profound Big Five on one of the largest conservation initiatives in Southern Africa where visitors are able to experience the perfect mix of wildlife in the wilderness. The reserve also offers spontaneous luxury accommodation for your exciting taste of the real African safari experience in a Malaria-free environment. To get more information on the safari packages available and accommodation details, visit


Fauna and flora:

The magnificent landscape of Shamwari Game Reserve goes the extra mile to fulfil your desire of the true African safari experience. Visitors of Shamwari are able to experience the greatest variety of diverse fauna and flora on African soils. The large number of animal species sighted at Shamwari consists of the substantial number of mammals including the Big Five. Most famed mammals at Shamwari are the many lions that print their pours on the soils of this reserve. In enhancing the stay of visitors to Shamwari the enjoyable sights of wildlife also include the diversity of up to 350 species of birdlife recorded as well as the large quantity of raptors such as Secretary Birds, Boated Eagles, Fish Eagles and many more to be spotted in the wilderness of this spectacular reserve.

Activities you can encounter at Shamwari:

Shamwari Game reserve offers a large variety of fun filled and desirable activities to ensure your perfect and memorable safari experience. Game drives and walking trails are carried out in the morning and evenings with well trained and experienced armed game rangers who also share their vast knowledge of the fauna and flora encountered at the reserve. Other activities that are carried out at Shamwari are the tennis court facilities, spa treatments, swimming and wonderful meals to fulfil your appetite. For your dream safari on Southern African soil, this is the safari adventure worth considering


The Shamwari climate in the Eastern Cape experience many sunny days but from time to time receives rainfalls during the course of summer. During the summer seasons Shamwari encounter temperatures ranging from 16 degrees to 27 degrees on average. On the other hand winter season brings about cooler temperatures ranging from 7 degrees to about 20 degrees on average. There is never a better time to visit Shamwari game reserve as game viewing is not affected by weather at Shamwari.

Accommodation for you:

Shamwari Game Reserve only offers the best of both worlds. Amongst the bushveld of Shamwari welcomes you to beautiful luxury Lodges to accommodate your every need on an adventure of a lifetime. Whether it may be for a romantic getaway or the perfect family adventure in the wilderness, Shamwari offers Lodges which include Lobengula Lodge, Eagles Crag Lodge, Bushman’s River Lodge and more to facilitate your safari experience. For the camping enthusiasts an unfenced camp site is available with access to showering facilities to suit your camping expedition. Shamwari proposes an excitement to safari lovers with the ultimate approach to give you the safari experience you have always wished for.

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