Best Singapore Attractions for Families

While the idea of families travelling the world with kids in tow used to be exclusively for the rich, that isn’t true anymore. As the cost of airfares have gone down over the last decade or two and the value of travel has been embraced by the middle class, more families are taking time off and bringing the kids for some non-traditional education. While the castles of Spain and the art of Italy may be on that bucket list, there are some pretty amazing Singapore attractions that make bringing the kids to this jewel of Asia well worth the trip.


Explore the Jungle

There are several great ways to explore the jungle territory in the Singapore area without having to endanger the little ones. No we don’t mean a River Boat ride in Disneyland, these are true authentic trips at the Singapore Zoo that will surprise you. When it comes to finding Singapore attractions that appeal to the whole family and won’t empty your pocketbook, the zoo has everything from breakfast trips that put you right in the jungle to a chance to laugh with the orangutans. Come and find out why this is a zoo everyone raves about, and not just the kids.

Teaching Moments at Haw Par Villa

This village tells the stories of Chinese culture and mythology in a way that makes learning easy and fun. Take them back in time as they find out about the many stories of gods and heroes, dragons and monsters and come to appreciate the culture before them. There is nothing like this village in any other city in the world, so be sure to include a day here when you visit Singapore.

Night Singapore Attractions for the Whole Family

If you really want to experience the jungles of Asia, the best time to be there is at night. This is when so many of the animals come out and show themselves. Luckily it is possible to take a guided safari tour of the jungles in the Singapore area without endangering your family. Walk through giant aviaries, view flying foxes in their own habitat and watch as fishing cats engage in their namesake activity. Night is the best time to see these animals and you can’t beat this natural safe environment for showing the kids the time of their lives.

Live it Up at Alive Museum

Kids just adore this unusual and creative museum. The exhibits are like nothing else you have seen as they come alive for the kids and teach them with fun. Filled with such iconic figures as Mandela and Gandhi the kids will learn history, interact for a greater experience and come away with stories to tell. Best of all the entire museum has wifi so they can post their adventures on social media as it happens. Truth be told Singapore has several great museums that will keep kids interested and learning, but this one seems to go the extra mile for getting kids to really see and understand. Not to be missed.

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