France has a great selection of beaches for all from families, naturalists, campers and divers from Brittany to Corsica. The Porto Pollo is the best in Corsica, it is found in southern Corsica between Propriano and Bonifacio. The beach is a long white arch of sand that is in a bay you will find sheltered by green hills. While here, you will enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters full of fish.



This is the best Breton beach along the 2000 kilometers of coastline for it provides calm relaxation hence ideal for a family vacation and its length is 30 kilometers. If you are in for a thrill, try surfing in the wild Atlantic breakers. Be sure to sample a delicious meal at the seafood restaurant at the Hotel Sterenn.


The beach is well preserved, uninhabited, wild and only accessible by boat. An undersea sea forest was formed and is ideal for scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling.


This is the best naturist beach in France that does not have a horde of tourists crowding. It is backed by pine woods and has lovely golden sands. The coast has laid-back villages where families can unwind and you can also get an amazing full body tan.


It is known for having the best watersports and it is also a sandy pit that runs 4 kilometers from Hyeres. It has consistent wind on one side reserved for kite surfers, windsurfers and fun boarders. You will also find the Port-Cros and the Porquerolles Islands on its other side.Paddle boarding and kayaking are both sports that are ideal for the calmer areas. To add on this is a nest for pink flamingoes that is found just behind the beach.


It is avery famous beach found in Corsica as it gets really busyduring the peak season in summer. To get a good spot it is recommended to arrive early. The beach is a sight to see with umbrella shaped pines, white Powderlysandand shallow turquoise waters that deepens gradually. You will also find pink granite headlands that encircle the beach adding to its many delights. You will also get to enjoy a variety of exciting water sports including; kayaking, boating, diving, windsurfing and jet-skiing although there is an area that is restricted from swimming.


It is a magnificent stretch of beach known as the best surfing destination found in Biarritz. It is considered to be the birth place for European surfing hence an ideal place to learn how to surf as well as watch surfers in the swelling waves performing their tricks. Cote des Basques is picturesque with rugged cliffs and a bay of golden sand and when the tide is out, you get a chance to take a good stroll around the beach while enjoying the wonderful coastal scenery and the rolling waves crashing onto the shore. A refreshing swim in the cool waters would do on a hot day.


The beach here is a great place to get away from the large crowds of Cote des Basques for even though it is a continuation of the Cote des Basques, the beach is a bit harder to access. It is also well-known for surfers because its waves are consistent all year round. Its attractive golden sands, framed rugged cliffs at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in this unspoilt beach are a site to relish. A great place for sunbathers, body boarders and swimmers and of course surfers the Marbella beach provides the perfect setting for memorable sunsets. It is highly advisable to bring your own equipment because there are no surf schools or even shops on the beach, rental shops can only be found at Cote des Basques or in the city center of Biarritz.


It is usually cloudy in Deauville even in summer but walking along the sea defines the place. The beach is wide and looks across the English Channel and is brightly colored with the artfully tied up parasols that make its signature look. On the west side, the ocean runs into some distant cliffs and in the north, you can see the towers and the cranes of the port of Le Havre from a distance.You could go to Deauville by crossing the Channel by ferry and make the trip even more exciting by using www.ferries 2 to compare prices and make a booking.


The beach is an 8 kilometers stretch of golden sand and crystal clear blue waters. It rarely gets crowded hence ideal for a family outing and it is also well maintained with a beach club for the children and also a marina. When the temperatures get high, seeking some shade in the northern end of the beach that is lined with promenade flanks.


The beach found in the French Riviera is awesome for kids for they will get to swim to a floating trampoline, bounce on it then jump back into the water. The waters here are warmer compared to other beaches. You can rent a boat and go take in the sights around.


The small town is a favorite destination for the rich and famous especially those who seek seclusion from the crowds. It is located on the French Riviera between St Tropez and Cannes and can easily be reached by car or boat. It has both private and public beaches along with a marina with great facilities. The town has lovely sandy beaches with a red rocky coast that have been molded by the continuous movement of the waters thereby forming some small beautiful bays.


This gem of a town is found between St Tropez and St Maxime and was created by an architect called François Spoerry. The traffic free town is common among boat owners. The beach here is a long stretch of gold sand and is the perfect place for kayaking and windsurfing and it can get quite busy in the peak season.

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