Bansko – an unforgettable family holiday

Bansko – the town of the festivals

The first association with Bansko is for a splendid family holiday in a leading European resort. Bansko is a wonderful world of endlessly beautiful scenery and exciting experiences.


Tourists who have come on a family holiday here, relax at the SPA; learn how ski or to or “fly” with the ski and snowboard in the winter; lounge in the summer at the pools as if they were exotic beaches; get their adrenaline high with the longest water slide in Europe – 400 meters, indulge in many other attractions in the Pirin Mountains.


For those who love mountain biking, for example, there are 200 km of marked routes that reach the Rila Mountains. There are also conditions for all other types of sports – from football to golf. For example, the luxurious Aparthotel Lucky Bansko organizes hunting and fishing trips, trekking, horseback riding, etc.


Along with all of this, Bansko is a bright international scene for all kinds of arts on which renowned world-famous artists perform. Here, the whole year is full of carnivals, concerts, competitions, festivals, exhibitions, celebrations and demonstrations of unique local crafts, customs, and so on.


International festivals include everything – folklore of the nations, opera, jazz, ballet, rock, pop, and a special forum for regional music and cuisine from the Balkans.


For example, it is curious that in addition to numerous groups and performers from around the world also the NATO orchestra has played at the Jazz festival. And groups from Indonesia and Egypt have also performed in the various ethno styles. This unforgettable festival guarantees tourists an even more attractive family holiday.


Besides, Bansko and its region are rich in cultural monuments – over 140. There are many interesting permanent museum expositions. They show evidence of human activity here for nearly 5,000 years.


The exhibits are from ancient weapons, tools, ornaments of the Thracians and before them, religion, beliefs, life and culture during the Middle Ages and nowadays. Thus the choice for a family holiday in Bansko, apart from all other exciting experiences, allows for an extremely interesting “journey” in the long and unique history of the region.


Bansko – family holiday with unique crafts lessons


Demonstrations of unique local artistic crafts are organized all summer for the tourists in Bansko. With the industrial production of our time, many people do not know how manually or with tools from centuries ago they can make marvelous rugs, carpets, knitwear, clothes and many other things for the everyday life.


Therefore, these demonstrations are extremely interesting for tourists of all ages and most of the family vacationers in Bansko include them in their program of attractions.


During the demonstrations at the Bansko Visitor Information Center, attendees can join with the masters and even try to craft something in the unique for the region ways.


The display of crafts is accompanied by a folklore program which includes well-established folk songs and dances. This further fills out the visit to the demonstrations with attractive experiences.


The display of weaving on a loom at the Velyanova house is an original solution that combines the unique craft with the unique craft with the unique cultural monument. Here the tourists see what painting looked like according to the principles of the art school from Debarsko, they learn about the aesthetics, construction, households in Bansko during the Bulgarian Renaissance.


In this way, the ones who come on a family holiday in Bansko touch a world little known to the contemporaries but that is very interesting – wool winding, spinning, weaving, embroidering, overshoe decoration, embroidery, knitting, making of souvenirs of fabrics, carving, etc.


For all this, we offer lessons with duration according to the wishes of the tourists, and for family holidays the whole family can be included. The lessons are not only in manufacturing crafts but also lessons in playing bagpipe and mandolin, folk dances, singing.


When on a family holiday in Bansko, demonstrations and lessons can be combined with tours of museum expositions and there are also entertaining interactive games at the Museum Complex for children.





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