Audi Drivers Worst Parkers in Britain

A new survey has revealed that Audi drivers are Britain’s worst parkers. This is following a piece of research by an airport car parking provider. Others that made the top 10 included Mercedes and Mazda.


A survey into the parking habits of British people has revealed that Audi drivers are the worst parkers in the country. Mercedes drivers came first, and Mazda drivers took up third place. Online airport car parking provider surveyed some 8,000 vehicles, all in the United Kingdom, during the month of February.

Airport Parking specifically studied how vehicles parked in out of town shopping center car parks and in city centers. They made a statistical calculation of car brand per capita. Based on that, it was found that the top place in the car parking hall of shame was taken up by Audi, who were miles ahead of any other brand. The study showed that:

  • 24% of all Audis were badly parked.
  • 16.6% of all Mercedes were badly parked.
  • 14.3% of all Mazdas were badly parked.
  • Just 2.6% of Land Rovers were badly parked, making them the best parking make of vehicle.

Those who drive a ‘small family vehicle’ should theoretically not have any difficulty in parking, as they have more space available to them. Yet, looking at how well they managed to squeeze in between a regular parking bay’s white lines, it was found that they were actually the worst parkers. Vans came in second place and superminis in third.

Airport Parking also looked into whether the color of a car had anything to do with their parking. They found that:

  • 29.6% of poorly parked cars were black.
  • 27% of poorly parked cars were silver.
  • 15.1% of poorly parked cars were blue.
  • 11.9% of poorly parked cars were white.
  • 5% of poorly parked cars were red.

Most city centers charge incredibly high fees for parking. As a result, drivers often feel incredibly frustrated when others don’t park properly. Being unable to park because a different vehicle has parked across the white line is a very annoying infringement. However, of the 8,000 vehicles that they studied, just 19 (1%) were parked across two parking spaces.

The Managing Director at Airport Parking said:

We are one of the United Kingdom’s best known airport car parking providers, which means we help thousands of people each year to park their vehicle properly. We also understand how important it is for people to actually park properly. There are some stereotypes out there when it comes to how people drive and park, and our research has given drivers the chance to see what the facts actually are.”

He continued: “We were surprised to see that the worst offenders were small family cars, but most of us had expected van drivers to be quite high up in the list, and we weren’t wrong.”

During the survey, 8,000 individual vehicles were recorded and counted, all of which were poorly parked. Data was recorded on the make and model of the vehicle, what their parking infringement was, and what color it was. Some 25 different car manufacturers were listed.

The top 10 worst vehicle makes for parking were

10. BMW

9. Ford

8. Seat

7. Suzuki

6. Vauxhall

5. Jaguar

4. Lexus

3. Mazda

2. Mercedes

1. Audi

Meanwhile, the five best car makes in terms of parking in the United Kingdom were:

5. Kia

4. Citroen

3. Skoda

2. Rover

1. Land Rover

The Managing Director added: “The Land Rover coming in first place was a real surprise. We wrongly assumed that large 4×4 vehicles would park poorly, but that simply isn’t the case.”

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