A Taste in Egypt: Hurghada

As we become more and more global, the world seems smaller and smaller. We open up to new cultures and ideas, and no industry has embraces this as much as the culinary. Foodie vacations or culinary trips to experience new, different, exciting tastes are rising in popularity. People are not only trying new foods but actively seeking them out especially in the places they come from. Hurghada, the second largest city in Egypt is a hub of commerce and culture, and so it is not surprising that it is also one of the most popular places for the culinary adventurer to try Egyptian cuisine.



Hurghada really comes alive at night. With a plethora of bars, clubs and discos the best food is often easiest to get at night. Many of the bars and clubs are very high end for not much up front or attached to resorts and restaurants. This is the best way to sample any local drinks or wines, as most places will have a lot on hand. The nightlife is very lively so only the socially adventurous as well as culinary should seek this option out, but if you do you are all but guaranteed an amazing time.

Hurghada_south_ beach_bar

South Beach Bar & Restaurant

Though it is international cuisine no other restaurant gives you the glimpse of Hurghada like South Beach can. One of the best beach lounges in the city, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and very high quality food. You can relax, spend the day relaxing or playing on the beach, and still enjoy the 5 star service and food. Being international in menu means you will surely find something you know and probably something you don’t. Everything here is first rate and a great place to just spend time on the beach foodie or not.


Local Food

For more local flavors you are going to want to hit the fish markets, some of the restaurant even have tanks to pick your fish and they will cook and serve you it right there after you’ve watched it swimming around. The other great place to go is street level venders for quick, cheap and tasty local food. This is one of the best ways to explore and taste the local foodscape. It is suggested that only the truly adventurous do this though as you never really know what you are getting from a street vendor, and health regulations are probably different than at home, but that does not mean they are unsafe.


Hurghada is just coming on to the scene of culinary vacation, but hopefully this brief look at it has helped you understand why, and made you want to explore the tastes of the city and Egypt itself as well. From fresh fish to street food, to night and beach food, you will find something to suit any taste here and enjoy a marvelous vacation as well. So next time you are planning an adventure culinary or otherwise, stop to consider a holiday to Hurghada.

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