5 Warsaw Foods You Will Surely Love



Warsaw city breaks, your pass to the panoramic excursion of Polish capital showcasing a unique blend of relaxation, entertainment and adventure. Perching amidst the top European city break destinations, the Polish capital is capable to deliver everything travelers may ever want. Where in relic edifices and grand palaces the city has still preserved the mind blowing dots of Second World War and royal bygone dominance, a big row of luxury restaurants, elite hotels, bars, cafes and shopping malls keep the town ahead in the race of Europe’s most glamorous capitals. Meanwhile, Warsaw weekend breaks let you explore all the faces, told and untold, of this sensational metropolitan.

However, if you are planning to spend your short weekend breaks in Warsaw, you just shouldn’t miss its mind blowing foods. A vibrant and highly energetic food scene in the city has been enticing global tourists to book Warsaw cheap weekend breaks, and as they step in, they just don’t forget to eat like locals. Unfortunately, the city offers such a wide array of delicious traditional Polish foods that can never be covered completely on Warsaw short city breaks. Luckily, Crystal Travel is telling you about five local foods to try to complete your cheap city break Warsaw

Fabulous Five Must Try Food over Warsaw city breaks

1. Kielbasa

Similar to any other part of Europe, Poland too takes sausages as a significant addition to their cuisines, but the nation have developed a distinctive kind of which is completely its own and widely popular as Kielbasa. Moreover, the capital is certainly the best place to consume it. Available in a broad variety of meat stuff including but not limited to turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, beer which is usually boiled, grilled or smoked through traditional methods, Kielbasa are easily accessible at city’s numerous eating joints with slight boiled and messed potatoes and gherkins.

2. Pierogi

Pierogi is undoubtedly a good choice for the second spot in the list of foods, well boiled buttercups filled with different sorts of ingredients like messed potatoes, mushrooms, cheese or you can even ask for crafted fruit stuffing as per your taste.

3. Zrazy

Zrazy, the most frequent ribs sticking dish found on the plates of most of the Polish people, can easily beat any other culinary. The mixture of pork and small pieces of breads in addition of locally produced fresh vegetables like mushrooms, onion, cucumber and many other is blended beneath a thin layer of meat, and than followed by a grilling session at high temperatures just to produce the most hygienic and delicious taste. Zrazy, bundle of all flavors of Polish culinary, is usually served with green salad and can be grabbed at most of turns in the town.

4. Kluski

If there was any award for the most beautiful looking dishes in entire world, Kluski might beat any other. Small glowing cups or call them dumpling, or as local pronounce it Kluski, can be found in a myriad of varieties– and all the difference are made by stuffing which can be mashed potato, fried meatballs, healthy vegetables, silky cheese or sweet fruits. However, before ordering in over a local food stall, make sure you are not asking for spicy noodles as Kluski sounds to people residing over city’s southern ends.

5. Bigos

Forget pizza, pasta as you are on Warsaw city breaks don’t forget to try your tongues over Bigos, the pride of Poland. Just because it is coming down in the list doesn’t mean the dish is anyhow not that special. Remember, locals just mad in love with Bigos which vary on a very versatile node across the parts of the city as well as nation prepared as traditional stew preserves in tight pots for long days. Generally, the dish is made up of sauerkraut, numerous kinds of meats, sausages and vegetables. Non vegetarians can opt for bacon, beef, pork, ham or veal and if you are vegetarian, satisfy your hunger over Warsaw city breaks try honey, mushroom and other vegetables made Bingos.

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