5 Vienna Travel Basics for First-Time Visitors

Vienna is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Europe and it is the capital of Austria. Vienna is also considered the “City of Music” – mainly because of all the classical composers who created some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created – including symphonies and operas. If you want to experience a life changing trip to one of the most beautiful and culturally rich counties in the world, Vienna is certainly a treat. Not only will you get a once in a lifetime chance to see some beautiful architecture, but you will also experience music, food, and lot of nightlife. Here are five Vienna travel basics for first-time visitors.

  1. Travel Basics for First-Time VisitorsBe sure to talk to the locals and respond when they greet you. A lot of tourists from other countries are surprised to realize how friendly the people of Vienna are. However, if you want to have the most satisfying and enriching trip, you should make eye contact, shake hands and try to learn a little conversational Viennese German – it will go a really long way.
  2. Be polite. The Viennese people are very polite and they don’t speak too loudly. For instance, if you are in a restaurant, be sure to use a quiet voice so as not to disturb the other patrons. The same goes if you are on a quiet street, in a subway car or in a taxi. Politeness by foreigners will be greatly respected and it will make your trip a lot more satisfying. Also, don’t forget to tip service people, like hotel porters and restaurant waiters – the expected tip is about 10% of the total bill.
  3. See some live opera or classical music. When it comes down to it, Vienna is where much of this genre of music was created and debuted. So, visiting this amazing city will give you a great chance to see some incredible live classical music performances. Not only that, but many of these performances are played in the same exact venue that these classical pieces were premiered hundreds of years ago. You can visit A & A tickets online to find out about available performances.
  4. Learn about the public transportation system. Vienna has a great public transportation system. If you want to learn how to get around and if you want to travel all over Vienna without paying an arm and a leg, public transportation will be your best bet. Public transportation in Vienna is easy, affordable and it can often get you to certain destinations in a more efficient manner than a taxi.
  5. See all the art you can see. Vienna is full of some amazing museums and galleries, so you would be remiss not to see all the art and creativity that this wonderful city has to offer. You can usually find out about different art exhibitions that are on view by looking in the local listings, talking to your hotel’s front desk, or just by exploring the city on foot – even the city itself is a work of art.

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