5 Things to Consider When Packing for a Golf Vacation in Scotland

If you were to put “The Best Golfing Destinations in the World” in your favorite search engine, one of the places that you’re definitely going to see mentioned, more than a few times, is Scotland. Thanks to places like the Glasgow Gailes, the North Berwick and the Royal Aberdeen, Scotland has some of the most celebrated courses on the globe.
Vacation in ScotlandTherefore, it’s no wonder why hundreds of people go there for their golfing vacation each year.

So, if you’re thinking about putting it on your travel itinerary, in order to make sure that you pack appropriately, we wanted to provide you with a list of five things that you should consider while preparing for your vacation below:

The weather. No matter where you plan to travel, something that you always need to be prepared for is the weather. Being that Scotland is located on the edge of Europe, with the sea being on three sides of it, understandably the weather can be pretty varied. So, it’s a good idea to get a 5-10 day forecast to know what you should take and what you shouldn’t.

The amount of time that you plan to be gone. One thing about Scotland is that if you go during the fall season, you are bound to encounter some rain and cool temperatures. The following tip will share with you some of the things that you should take in order to deal with the rainy weather. As it relates to the cold, don’t forget to pack some long johns, a couple of pair of microfiber pants and some long-sleeve shirts.

The amount of golfing that you plan to do. Some people go on golfing vacations to get a couple of rounds in while others plan to golf the entire time they are away. The amount of time that you plan to spend on a course (or a few courses) will let you know how much you need to take. Our recommendation is that you go with no less than two pair of golf gloves, two pair of rain gloves, a rain coat, a pair of waterproof golf shoes and a couple of golf caps.

The travel times between different courses. If you’re a serious golfer, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not going to want to go all of that way just to golf on one course. Being that some golf resorts are as much as three hours apart, it’s also important for you to pack for various times of the day. A windbreaker or cardigan sweater can always be helpful if you’re trying to leave before sunrise. If it’s warms up later in the day, you can always take it off.

The amount of time you plan to spend doing other things. Sure, Scotland has some great golfing but there are other things that you can do there as well. You can visit Edinburgh Castle, go to the Edinburgh Zoo or check out the National Museum of Scotland. So aside from your traditional golfing attire, also pack some things that you can do a bit of touring in too. For more information on golfing in Scotland, visit the Golf Digest Scottish Tours website.

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